4L Foldable Car Trash Can Storage Organiser

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  • Material: PP
  • Capacity: 4L
  • Size:
  • Before stretch: 18×5.5cm
  • After stretch: 18x24cm
  • Uses: car, home, camping

4L Car Trash Can Storage Organiser Foldable Multifunction Magic Barrels Dust Bin

Made of premium plastic, it is durable and big enough to provide the maximum strength, durability and longevity. The ergonomic function features as the collapsible body for space-saving convenience. It is handy and convenient when you need to throw rubbish on a trip to keep your vehicle clean, organized and free of trash. Perfect for drivers and travelers. It can be widely used for fishing, car washing, camping, household, student picnic, vacation, promotion gift, etc. Portable and foldable

used as a laundry organizer: pick up toys or collect clothes from the clothesline. used as a cooling bucket.
Fix it Steadily on Car mat with velcro below the bucket. Store food while travel.


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