Self Adhesive Transparent Packing Tape- 200 metres

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  • Adhesive Transparent Tape Multipurpose Usage in Automatic, Mobile, Electronics, Office, Company Industrial and Domestic Fields. Ideal For Sealing Cartons and Any type of Export Packaging.
  • High Quality & High Strength Adhesive Transparent Tape , Easy to dispense , No Breakage
  • Self Adhesive Transparent Tape – For Domestic & Industrial purposes
  • Excellent adhesion and shear properties, High mechanical strength and good impact resistance.
  • Easy adherence to even slightly irregular surfaces

Self Adhesive Transparent Packing Tape- 200 metres

Transparent Tape -often called as Cello tape is one of the most commonly used tapes having a wide range of application in day to day life. It is used as a stationary product as well as in industries & Domestic.

The tape will suitable for almost any smooth, clean and dry surface, can be applied to ceramic tile, glass, metal, wooden, plastic, and so on. Clean the surface of the items, make sure dry, smooth, and solid, ensure a perfect paste effect.


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